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color_rumble's Journal

Coloring Skills Rumble
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Welcome to color_rumble!
This is a Rumble Community where Coloring matters! Simply said we want you to improve on coloring. Every challenge I'll provide you from a base and an icon, this icon is colored, your challenge will be remaking this coloring, this way you can show how good you are in coloring or improve on your coloring skills.

There won't be a specific theme in this rumble. We'll go from stock images to fashion images to screencaps, so we can show you different kinds of coloring. Because there's of course a huge difference between coloring a dark screencap and coloring a rather bright stock image.

+ Before you can participate in the rumble, you must sign up here before the deadline of the first challenge.
+ In total we'll have 10 challenges.
+ This is a rumble community so we don't use skips, although it is allowed to pass challenges. But there is an exception here, you may not skip more than 3 challenge. We want our participants to take it serious.
+ In each round I'll provide you from one base and one icon ( This icon will be covered with a cross, this to prevent cheating)
+ Each challenge you are allowed to submit one icon.
+ Icons should be 100*100, <40kb and only .jpg/ .png/ .gif. I suggest using .png because this doesn't convert your colors, would be a waste if you've got the perfect coloring and then colors change!
+ When entering your icon you should submit the image + link.
+ It is not allowed to add any brushes/ textures or text. textures are only allowed to achieve a certain coloring, also if I've used a certain texture I will provide it in the challenge so you could use it.
+ Asking for help about the coloring is not allowed, I know all the communities to ask for help and if I catch you on asking help you'll be disqualified immediately. (even if you don't get (the right) answer)
+ Usage of tutorials is not forbidden, simply because this is not traceable, but I suggest to do it on your own strength to be fair to yourself .
+ When a challenge is finished I'll show the .psd of the icon. I know that many people are against .psd, but my intention is for the participants to improve and learn something. The .psd will be removed after a week, this is to prevent lurkers to just grab the .psd. Of course if you are a participant you can ask for it, and I'll send it in a screened comment.
+ Add 'coloring is my passion' to your comment when you sign up.

+ You'll have to vote for your top three icons, here you must look at the provided icon and look which icons comes near the coloring the most.
+ There's no need to add reason.

Points go as following:
1st: 3 points
2nd: 2 points
3rd: 1 point
In total this means you can get 30 points maximum in all 10 challenges (+5 from extra points)

+ You can earn extra points:
-- You can promote the community at your own communities or journal, 1 point for each promo.
-- You can reffer people, this means that you'll ask or tell someone about this community ( for example if you know some one who needs to improve their coloring or someone you think is amazing with coloring) , when this person sign up and says you're the refferal this will earn you 1 point.
-- In total you can not earn more than 5 extra points, also you can only earn extra points before the deadline of our first challenge.



I hope everything is clear, if you have any questions you can ask them here.

Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide
Stylesheet thanks to Minty-peach